A few very exciting things to share about my Lego Drum Set:


* My Lego Drum kit is featured in the January 2016 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine in their "Kit Of The Month" Column.  Very happy and honored that they liked my work and wanted to feature it in their magazine.  They are a pillar in the international drumming community.  I hope you enjoy the article.  I am very happy with how they presented my Lego Drum Kit.


* Percussive Arts Society - The global connection for all things drum and percussion were very impressed to learn about my Lego Drum Kit and were very kind in their words to me with respect to its sound and uniqueness and asked if I would be interested in donating it to their Rhythm! Discovery Museum. Honored doesn't even come close to how I feel. To know that something that I created has been recognized by my peers and will be in the company of the greatest growing collection of percussion instruments from all over the world is truly incredible. Really looking forward to visiting with them during the last week of June to set up the Lego Drum Kit that I specially designed for them featuring their color scheme of Black and Red and the beautiful Oniks Amedia Cymbals that have a blackened acid wash finish.  Incredible sound they have.  Check back for upcoming set of photos and video of it!!!


Wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my gift of making a Lego Drum Kit to donate to the Percussive Arts Societies "Rhythm! Discovery Museum" http://rhythmdiscoverycenter.org/ via my Rockethub campaign. The campaign is now closed.  Once I receive the underwriting from them I will be ordering the materials to start my building project. Looking forward to making the arrangements to hand deliver it to the Museum by the beginning of the new year. 


Thank you again for your interest and your continued support! - Brian


* Putting together the cd's that document the incredible music that was presented during my eigth year presenting a very diversified music series in my hometown area during the months of February thru May. The name of this series is Acoustic Doorways and I am very pleased and honored to be co-presenting this series with the RCS Community Library. We present our performances in various Churches within our community which builds community and brings folks together and invites them into environments that maybe they have never gone before -  Please look for the set of audio recordings which are offered through our RCS Community Library. 



* Am was very excited to present my first solo performance at the world renown and historic iconic performance venue in Saratoga Springs Caffe Lena.  Sarah Craig, Exec. Director asked if I would present and perform in an "informance" format inviting everyone into my musical / percussive world and move to center stage to introduce my process, my instruments, technique and stories on how they came into my life and some of the amazing instrument builders that I have the pleasure to call my friend but also family.  I invited a very dear friend and remarkable creative talent Studio Stu to join me in and around the 2 sets that I presenting so that we could create "On The Spot" music.  The entire evening was really fun, energetic and engaging.  The highlight for me was when everyone present created a group improvisation honoring the great Nana Vasconcelos.  My goal was not only to entertain everyone but to have them take a little something away that maybe they didn't know before.  I love sharing the world I am blessed to be a part of and in this beautiful intimate space where legends have performed and told their stories.  It just dosen't get better then this.  I was so taken by the energy, the pulse and the music created that night that I have been given Sarah Craig, Executive Directors blessings to release excerpts of the evening in an enhanced cd project that will offer both the audio of the evening but also video.  The project will be entitled "An Evening with a Percussionist".


* Started working with two new projects: Maria Zemantauski's GX3+. Feel very fortunate to join them as the "+" when their performance program requires a bit different texture and color. Most recently I performed with them for Mona Golub's Music Haven Concert Series opening for an incredibly unique group Novalima Afro-Peruvian Techno Group mixing traditional Afro-Peruvian Music with Electronica.  Please check my calendar for my performance schedule and listings of our upcoming shows.




Also, Very excited to be asked to become involved in the quartet version of Golfstrom. A wonderfully energetic quartet featuring music from Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany. Features Woodwinds, Upright Bass, Accordion, Vocals and Percussion. Please check my calender for my performance schedule and listings of our upcoming shows.



* Honored to have been asked to add what I do to upcoming recording projects for: John Stevens, Seth and The Modymelix, Bernstein Bard Quartet, and Patsy O'Brien 

* Please check my calendar for upcoming concerts and festivals with Cathie Ryan, Maria Z, Joy Adler and the Souls of Evolution, Seth and the Moody Melix, Seth Warden Trio, Elizabeth Woodbury - Kasius & Heard, Bernstein Bard Quintet, Ellen Sinopoli's Dance Company, Golfstrom and Kevin McKrell


Thank you for taking time out to visit me.
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