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Inspired by working with Modern Dance Companies, Freestyle Dancers, Choreographers, Dance Aerobic Instructors, Movement Therapists and Martial Artists for many decades. Knowing that most get tired of the same old canned electronic music I wanted to create something a little different and hopefully a bit fresher. Blending both organic and contemporary sounds together. I put collection together starting with a long slower piece to warm up and stretch to at a tempo of 80 bpm, into each subsequent piece growing in tempo from 110 bpm and intensity at up to 140 bmp for both non locomotor as well as locomotor from small to more intense movements incorporating the entire dance or workout space culminating into two pieces that wind the workout down at 96 bmp to a final piece to cool down to at 76 bpm for a complete workout period 

The front and rear cover artwork for this release was created by my daughter when she was in elementary school. While putting this project together this picture was on the wall of of our dining room and I absolutely loved the rhythm and movement of it and found it perfect for the theme of this body of work.


released January 1, 2015 

Front and Rear Cover Art by Brianna Melick


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