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Debut solo release. Features the world I love and am consistently inspired by. Highlighting a vast collection of both traditional and unconventional instruments from literally all over the world to creating them out of found objects from around your home and the environment around you. Was profoundly inspired by all of the different sounds textures and colors but found that this was also a catalyst for me to honor several incredibly talented artisans who are inspired to create the instruments that the rest of us find our musical voice with: Frank Giorgini's Udu Drums, Michael Thiele's Hardwood Slit Drums, David Russells Paper Drums known as Earth Drums and Gino & Jackie Zenobia: Zenobia Music

Please take a few minutes to visit these remarkable gifted artists online to learn more about their work and their instruments.


released January 1, 2001


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Brian Melick aka uduboy, Percussion on SoundBetter

a bit of a performance video

with Cathie Ryan and the Grand Rapids Symphony

Performances Highlighting: Schlagwerk Dual Cajon

a sample of my work in education

Dreamers of Our Future

Lego Drum Set - World Premier

Excerpt from "NY Banjo Summit" at the Egg

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