An Evening with A Percussionist ~ video excerpt

I was honored and privileged to be invited to present an intimate look into my world by Sarah Craig, Executive Director of  Caffe Lena.  Have been blessed to work with a great number of different artists over the last 3 decades here at the Caffe and Sarah told me many many times she has heard our audiences say that they would have really liked to have learned more about the different instruments that I have performed on during the various concerts. She asked me to take center stage and present a program that would allow me to not only introduce a diverse group of percussion instruments by just performing on them, but to present them in a way for folks to learn about where they came from and their back story.  I was very excited to be able to engage the audience in more of an “Informance” environment as well as to take the time to be able to really perform on a wide variety of my instruments.  Aside from wanting the listener to be inspired emotionally to my work the most rewarding thing for me is to use my percussive sounds to create imagery to support the music I am performing and for the story that is being told.

here is an overview of the .avi file that is included on my enhanced cd