"First of their Kind" Amedia Custom Square Stingray Cymbals

Very excited to share a homegrown showcase video highlighting a series of custom made Amedia Square Stingray Cymbals created for me by the incredible Amedia Cymbalsmiths in Turkey. 

Am honored and feel very blessed to have been invited into the family in 2014 with an Artist endorsement by Dominick Gagliano, Amedia Cymbals USA. 

I want to give a massive public Thank You to Dominick, who explained to me that Amedia welcomes anyone to approach them, not just their artists, to embark on commissioning Amedia to create unique instruments for them. I encourage all of my drum / percussion family to seriously consider doing this. The opportunity is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. In my entire career of over 40 years I NEVER thought that this would be possible with or without a formal relationship. Amedia Cymbals has made it so. Contact Amedia to learn more about this possibility.   https://www.amediacymbals-usa.com/

In 2016 I started my love affair with the amazingly unique Amedia 24" Square Stingray Ride that has a massive girth of complex sounds, tones and textures. Totally captivating and intoxicating when you hear it because every strike is a new adventure!!! 

In 2020 my journey requesting "first of their kind" instruments to be created by the hands of the incredibly creative Amedia Cymbalsmiths began based on their method of creating the Square Stingray Ride Cymbal.  My first request yielded 5 Square Stingray Crashes 14", 15", 16", 17", 18". Later in 2020 I requested a 14" Square Heavy Flat Stingray Cymbal be made with two holes to be used primarily as a bottom HiHat Cymbal, which I use in tandem along with my 14" Square Stingray Crash as well as with a Amedia 14" FX Cymbal created with 4 holes for a Dry Trashier sounding set of HiHats.  And most recently in early 2021 I am incredibly grateful that the ingenious Amedia Cymbalsmiths created the most magical 20" Square Stingray China with an inverted bell. 

I Would Like To Thank:  
Ahmet & Hamdi Baykusak - Master Cymbalsmith / Master Handlather respectfully / Amedia Cymbal Factory Owners and their entire staff of remarkable cymbalsmiths for creating the finest in traditional and newly created designs in the world of cymbals  

Means the absolute world to me to know that you created 
amazingly unique instruments for me based on what I heard 
in my head.  All of my Amedia Cymbals complete my musical voice!!!

Dominick & Dom Gagliano; Amedia Cymbals USA for welcoming me into the Amedia Family and opening the door to an amazing world of colors, tones and textures.  For inspiring me to  
reach for unique possibilities and then making it all come to fruition.

and a Special Thank you to: 
Marcel P. Blanchet for the immediate respect and friendship as well as literally opening the door and introducing me to Dominick.

I choose to record the audio for this video in as honest a way as I knew how utilizing only 2 large diaphragm microphones: Studio Projects B1 as my Overhead = 2'-0" above the cymbals and a Studio Projects C1 as my Ambient Room Mic positioned about 8'-0" in front of me 6'-0" high.  I recorded these two tracks RAW.  With Flat EQ and absolutely no processing.  My goal was to try and capture each cymbals "REAL" voice. 

I hope you enjoy this. 

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

First Meeting with My Amedia Custom Set Of 5 Stingray Crash Cymbals

Amedia Custom Set of 5 Stingray Crash Cymbals:

: 14', 15", 16", 17", & 18"

videoed by Dominick Gagliano at Amedia Cymbals USA

Photo Gallery Of My Amedia Custom Stingray Cymbals