A few very exciting things to share:  


* This year has found me in the studio quite a bit working on several different projects from a LIVE Performance I did at the famed Caffe Lena from 2016 released as an enhanced cd including 13 audio tracks and a 30 minute .avi file entitled "An Evening with A Percussionist".  A great theamatic americana rock project "Side Show Gypsy" which has garnered quite a bit of air play around the US, Two inlightened singles that shine light on humanity "Hey, Have You Heard" by Robert Miranda, "American Smile" by Marcus Ruggeiro, beautiful projects "Blame It On Love" by singer / songwriter; Jeff Brisbin and "Mixed Feelings" by singer / songwriter; Julia Alsarraf.  Most recently finished tracking for a dynamic project featuring 5 all percussion duets written by Pete Sweeney along with 5 Latin Jazz pieces arranged by Pete.  Tracked drums and percussion for new project by Joy Adler and soon will be going in to start a second release for Warden & Co. a folk roots rock group I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 10 years.  Here is a video highlighting some of my tracks from the drum booth for Side Show Gypsy.


 * Very happy that although there were major limitations this year to perform LIVE and touring was halted completely due to taking care of everyone's health and safety, I was blessed many times to perform "LIVE" and "Pre-Recorded" Streaming events for Caffe Lena, Freedom Park, Jazz Vespers, High Peaks Productions, Lonely Hearts Club etc.  Here is Warden & Co. "LIVE" Stream Concert presented by High Peaks Productions


* Was very honored to be asked to perform a world premier of Ogustus Mancini's                    "Journey To The Inner City" a 12 movement tone poem to open the Meditation Stage for the first time at the Mountain View Studio, Woodstock, NY.  Here is a video of our performance.  


* Honored to have been asked to add what I do to upcoming recording projects for:                                                                                                          : Pete Sweeney                                                                                                                                                                  : Joy Adler                                                                                                                                                                          : Warden & Co.                                                                                                                                                                : Robert Miranda                                                                                                          

* Recent Commercial Recorded Release's: Marcus Ruggiero & Side Show Gypsy, "Side Show Gypsy"                                                                                  : Brian Kaplin, "Make No Mistake"                                                                                                                                : Lara Herscovitch, "Highway Philosophers"                                                                                                          : Julia Alsarraf, "Mixed Feelings"                                                                                                                                : Jeff Brisbin, "Blame It On Love"                                                                                                                                  : Brian Melick, "An Evening with A Percussionist"                                                                                                : Robert Miranda, "Hey, Have You Heard", Single                                                                                                    : Marcus Ruggiero, "American Smile", Single                                                  

* Please check my calendar for upcoming concerts and festivals with Cathie Ryan, Maria Z, Joy Adler and the Souls of Evolution, Seth and the Moody Melix, Warden & Co., Elizabeth Woodbury - Kasius & Heard, Bernstein Bard Quartet, Ellen Sinopoli's Dance Company, Golfstrom, Kevin McKrell, Gus Mancini and Sonic Soul, Franklin Micare, SPAC Dance, Marcus Ruggiero & Side Show Gypsy  

Thank you for taking time out to visit me.   
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