Informance featuring the Lego Drum Set at Hudson Valley Community College

Lego Drum Set Informance 
Had an incredible time sharing my story and inspiration using Lego as a medium in creating and building my Lego Drum Set as well as a variety of other world percussion instruments.  It is always a pleasure and a blessing to share my work with others.  A very special thank you to Maria Zemantauski, Cultural Affairs Director at Hudson Valley Community College for inviting me to present an "Informance" so that I could both speak about as well as perform on my Lego Drum Set for HVCC student body as well as the community at large.  We had a beautiful audience made up of all ages.  Children to senior citizens.  Just tells you how profound the Lego Brick is across the board.  Pretty amazing when you think about it that way.  Thank you to my very good friend and wonderfully gifted artist; Studio Stu for joining me in performing a big variety of music in-between my presentation. 

Video excerpt featuring first a solo of mine using my fingers, hands and sticks segueing into an arrangement by Studio Stu's of "Day O 

Below video is a Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Maria Zemantauski, Cultural Affairs Director, Hudson Valley Community College 


Studio Stu performing on his one of a kind "Studivarious 

Sharing my inspiration and backstory

Introducing my Lego Drums