Entrepreneurship: (Company Name, Mission of Company)

- Melick Designs. Design and manufacture of music instrument hardware. Develop, write, demonstrate, and publish percussion instructional and project materials

- 10 different Custom Designed SoftPAW tm Stands for Frank Giorgini & LP Music's Udu Drums: Kim Kim, Museum, Tiered Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone, Round Alto, Mbwata, Udongo I & II, Hadgini, Utar: vertical as well as tabletop

- Custom Rack for David Russell's Earth Drum

- The "HOW TO" of Udu: Instructional Book & Audiophile

- The "HOW TO" of Udu: Instructional Video / DVD

- Percussion Instruments Made Out Of Found Objects: Project Book & Audiophile

- Percussion Instruments Made Out Of Found Objects: Instructional Video

- Playing with Percussion: 15 week course curriculum