Dance Works

Since the time I was 13 years old I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Movement Therapists, Arobic Instructors, Martial Artists, Dance Choreographers, and Dancers of all kinds; Ballroom, Tap, Ballet, Irish, Scottish, Latin, African, Flamenco, and Modern.  It continues to be an amazing experience and a profound inspiration for me to create rhythm music to support the art of another.  There is simply no greater feeling for me then to see someone feeling my energy and spirit through my music and then feeling compelled to move.  A Beautiful way to connect with another. 

The following are video excerpts of my continual work in creating and supporting others through the connection of music, movements and dance. 

Performing with Cathie Ryan and The Grand Rapids Symphony along with the beautiful See Ni Bhraonain Irish Dancers 

"Falling" Choreography by: Ellen Sinopoli  Dancers: Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company                                                                                                          Original Music Created & Performed by:  Maria Zemantauski & Brian Melick

Dance & Music Improvisation Inspired by Larry Kagan's Sculptures at the Hyde Museum, Glens Falls featuring the remarkable dancers of the Ellen Sinopoli's Dance Company: Laura Teeter, Sara Senecal, Marie Klaiber, Louisa Barta, Maggie Ciambrone and myself. 

Blessed to have had the beautifully talented choreographer and dancer, Claire Jacob - Zysman use my music to create an intriguing composition entitled ""a thousand trills and quivering sounds"