Diverse Elements

Split recording comprising of 6 solo pieces and 6 duets inspired by a game I used to play with my children when they were growing up. We would draw and color together to create something new with only these rules - each person took a turn and selected a color pencil, crayon etc and could only do one thing at a time and then it was the other persons turn. We never knew where we were going but we most certainly knew when we got there. The end result was always incredible. So the rules with my friends that joined me were the same when we created our duets. Sometimes I had a vision of an attitude or an image that I would share with them but that was it. I absolutely love this process. Always exciting and full of wonderful surprises! 

The artwork for this release is a combination of my children's artwork when they were very young with the cover being a composite of my sons artwork overlayed on my daughters making for a perfect connection of Diverse Elements.

Released: 2008