Celebrating the first 25 years of my ongoing love affair with the centuries old Nigerian Side Hole Pot Drum known worldwide as Udu, I could not think of a better way then to put together an enhanced compilation cd and entitle it with my pen name "uduboy". 

Excluding the first track of this recording which is a solo piece that I created entitled "Udu ClayPLAY", the balance of the work represented is due to several artists that I have had the privilege to record for and with over the years granted me a master usage licences to include their music as it was originally recorded on my "uduboy" release. By doing this it highlights the many diverse ways that I have been able to use the udu in showcasing and bringing to light the many facets and personalities of this incredible centuries old instrument. Was blessed beyond words to have had each and everyone of them grant me full permission to use their music. With respect to their music and digital download formats I encourage you to visit each of these incredibly talented artist to purchase the electronic download of their song. The permission that I retained from each of them with a few exceptions only covers the physical release of the cd not the electrionic downloads. 

With Respect to Digital Downloads this is only offered as a 5 song EP 

The song list as it appears on the physical cd is the following with links to copy and paste to visit each individual artists if interested in listening and downloading their song. Thank you for understanding, for your interest and for your support. I am honored that you are interested in our work. 

#1 Udu ClayPLAY - Brian Melick included in this EP 
#2 Amaboko - Maria Zemantauski mariazemantauski.com/store 
#3 Move Along - The McKrells included in this EP 
#4 Uduboy - Neil Anderson store.cdbaby.com/cd/antipypr2 
#5 Psalm 51 - Zoe B. Zak www.zoebzak.com/Zoe/Discography.html 
#6 The Call - Monica Wilson Roach 
#7 Udubamboo - Globetrotting store.cdbaby.com/cd/globetrotting 
#8 My Fathers World - Rena' Graf included in this EP 
#9 May The Music - Martha Gallagherwww.adkharper.com/heavenandearth_v5.html 
#10 Center Of The Wheel - Bernstein Bard Quartetwww.bernsteinbardtrio.com/music 
#11 Mild Noon Daze - SuperNOVA included in this EP 
#12 To Far East - Piet Jan Blauw www.discogs.com/Piet-Jan-Blauw-Ron-Rettich-Mosquitos-On-Ice/release/10546522 included in this EP 

credits as they appear: 
- Maria Zemantauski: Flamenco Guitar 
- Kevin McKrell: Americana Roots Singer Songwriter 
- Neil Anderson: Scottish Piper / Whistles 
- Zoe B. Zak: World / Jazz Pianist, Accordion & Vocal 
- Monica Wilson Roach: Jazz / Classical Cellist 
- John Davey: Jazz Upright Bassist 
- Steve Gorn: World Music Flutest / Clarinetist 
- Rena' Graf: Gospel Vocalist 
- Martha Gallagher: Celtic Harpist 
- Mark & Steve Bernstein: Acoustic Jazz / Classical Guitar & Mandolin 
- Robert Bard: Acoustic Jazz / Roots Upright Bassist 
- Greg Speck: Electronic Keyboards / Synths 
- Piet Jan Blauw: Wind Instruments / Percussion 

licensed ~ all rights reserved

released January 1, 2011