From The Drum Booth

Marcus Ruggiero and Side Show Gypsy Recording Sessions from the Drum Booth

edited song excerpts from a portion of the 12 recorded tracks.                                                          Please visit - https://marcusruggieroandsideshowgypsyband                                                                            to purchase and secure your copy of our latest recording

Wanted to share my world during Marcus Ruggiero and Side Show Gypsy's two day LIVE Recording Sessions at Albany Audio Recording Studio C with owner / head engineer John Chiara.  My set up for these sessions was a real cross section of conventional and non-traditional instruments.  From Cajon, Udu, and a nice selection of Arbiter Flats, to a beautiful collection of Amedia cymbals including 3 of the 5 custom Stingray crash cymbals that I was very blessed to have made for me.  And of course a wonderful array of plastic, metallic and organic instruments to create layers of textures to add depth and imagery!!!  Please sit back, relax and thanks for hanging out with me in the Drum Booth, Brian